Although your experience the war in Ukraine is not for us to comment, that a humanitarian catastrophe is developing in Ukraine is obvious. With that in mind the “Stichting Help Ukraine” was created in Helmond-Stiphout.

The Boudewijns family own an agricultural company in Ukraine. They started a collection during the carnavals week as this company employs approximately 80 people. Whole families are dependent on the salaries of a single breadwinner.

One thing led to another. Thanks to a number of volunteers 4 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid were delivered to Siret in Romania near the Ukrainian border. Volunteers from Ukraine come to Siret with small vans where they create targeted packages to be distributed among various villages, hospitals, refugees and the army.

The transports are fully sponsored by Berlin transport company “InstaFreight GmbH”.

In close collaboration with the Ukrainian volunteers the exact humanitarian aid is agreed to ensure it addresses their basic needs. We also hope to get ANBI status in the short term to ensure that all existing and future donation can be used to continue sending aid for the longer term.

If you feel called to make a donation in your private or company capacity, these will always be welcome.

Composition of the board

Chairperson: André Boudewijns

Secretary: Dominique van der Meulen-Raymakers

Treasurere: Ruth Gotlieb