Dear everyone,

Since the end of February, André and Marja Boudewijns have devoted themselves with volunteers with heart and soul to provide residents of Ukraine, hospitals and the army with emergency relief supplies. Over the months, 8 trucks full of goods have been delivered to Ukraine.

From now on this will stop with pain in our hearts, especially due to the decrease in the flow of goods.

Our foundation will NOT cease to exist. We intend to spend the money that has been donated and that we will receive on generators, canned food and the transport that is needed.

Through this way we would like to say a big thank you to all of you for the donations we have received, monetary, clothing, medical, drawings for every box, canned food, or otherwise. On behalf of all those in Ukraine who have received some of our help, our deepest thanks go to you. Special thanks goes to the transport company Instafreight from Berlin who took care of all transports for us.

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